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How to Draft Perfect Outreach Emails for Link Building

Before you can think about drafting outreach emails, there are a few rules to keep in mind.

When you do it correctly, inbound link development is one of the most appropriate approaches. You would pitch your work to publications that may want to share it with various audiences. The cherry on top would be a backlink.

Rules of Extension Link Building

There are, however, mistakes that could be made when you ask for incoming backlinks, but we will go over the guidelines before you start emailing

1) The best strategy to produce quality backlinks is to post naturally quoted outstanding content.

A devoted backlink approach to new websites can be helpful, especially if you promote a particular piece of unique content. The more content you publish, and market, the more search engine authority your site accumulates through social media content and links.

2) Pitch guest pieces or backlinks that give readers added value.

Instead of asking your connections to connect anywhere on their sites, ask the publishers whether they will post their blogs or pay tribute to new content ideas and information that they already use.

3) Send custom emails to particular publishers.

Never mass email a huge pitch template to your contact list. It is impersonal, comes across as spam, and will probably never produce significant outcomes. Adjust the templates below; however, specialized emails for certain publishers must be produced individually.

It would help if you were looking at journals and certain people interested in your content as the first step in your outreach method. You should not start composing and sending an email with a website to everyone in your sector. Read more on how to ask for an inbound connection — in ways that are polite and intelligent, and produce results.

Note: The templates for emails are based on the emails I have sent and received. Any information about industry, company, or individuals should demonstrate these fake examples of email.


If you have no relationship with the person you are emailing, it may be a valuable means of sharing your work by providing a preview. With this type of email, you first ask whether the receiver wants to see the content they want to use. The key to receiving a response is to make sure that your email has been tailored and that the reader has enough information to contact you.

9 Email Examples to Try Link Building

1) The Forecast

If you have no relationship with the person you are pitching to, it may be wise to share your content as a preview. You’ll first find out if the recipient wants to see the content you want them to connect to. You need to make sure your email is tailored and that the reader has sufficient information to reach back out. The answer to this email is essential.

2) The Exclusive Bid

When you have created new research or data with surprising or exciting outcomes, it could be helpful to put the information on your blog before you share it. You can use a large amount of information from a single link to make an exclusive offer for a major magazine in your business. Create detailed subject lines and send your emails to the most critical journalists.

3) The Youth Day

Pick up on the receiver’s curiosity to read more fun and new information found in the rest of your content. You may be able to show your fresh understanding to your readers if it can teach them something new.

4) The Custom Pitch

Personalization is the most critical aspect of a top-notch communication email. This does not just mean addressing your email with the correct name and spelling — although you certainly should do both. By demonstrating to your recipient that you know who they are and what they are, your pitch is accurate, and you can read it as an informed partner.

5) The Bid

Nobody wants more work on their plates, so why not pitch to them? The receiver might be more likely to say “yes,” if your pitch comes with an offer to write a guest article. Before pressing “send,” though, remember to do your due diligence. If you have written a few times to the person you are pitching a certain angle, make sure you pitch something new and unusual to prevent being overlooked.

6) Reference 

Everyone wants to see their name on paper. An intelligent technique to angle a product or a person into a published work is to mention it in the backlink and then share it. Ask for feedback so that you can read the post and link it, or share it other ways online.

7) Social Evidence 

Social evidence is the idea that customers are impacted by what others already do. For instance, you will see that we ask you to subscribe in the lower end of this blog, indicating that 300,000 marketers have subscribed already. This is social evidence in action: now that you know hundreds of thousands already do it, you might be more likely to subscribe. Therefore, if you have posted a massive piece of content to which people react, tell people this when you put it on backlinks. If other people in their field already do this, they may be more inclined to mention you.

8) The Gag

Tread lightly when it comes to humor, but it may just be a clever technique for you to attract your receiver’s attention. A sign that this might work well is if you have read their social media and it seems like they would enjoy a wacky joke. As in workplace guidelines or cocktail parties, avoid making political, religious, or anything other jokes that would be rated PG-13 or higher.

9) The Answer 

This is another dangerous approach, but if you execute it well, it can pay off. The ultimate method to show that you are an avid reader (instead of simply saying so) is to respond with an opinion to somebody’s work — even if it is different.

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